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Welcome to G-Box

Industrial Dashboard and Data Logging Solutions.

Our Mantra is "If it can be measured, It Can be Improved."

We offer Data Acquisition and Logging Systems linked to Very Rich Real time
Dashboards that aid in making instant Decisions. We also offer Reporting solutions
Logged data. Logged Data can be plotted as various charts to see and understand
short term and long term trends.

Production Dashboard.

These Dashboards show the current Production at the line , Cell or even at
machine level, with Plan,Actual Gap and Efficiency. The operators can also
use a Keypad at the Line to Enter the Reasons for the Line being down.
The Entire system is web-based so the Real time and logged data can be viewed
from anywhere on the Network using a web browser(Internet Explorer).


Energy Management Dashboard.

These Dashboards show the Power being consumed (KWH) at each Line,Cell or
even at Machine Level. The Meters can be grouped to provided consolidated
views. Power Quota (Plans) can be set for Lines or Cells so the Operators
can in Real time.


Network Data Logger.

Network Data Logger allows logging of Digital or Analog Inputs which are captured and
stored on a standard MYSQL Database. Our Solution completes the offering by capturing Digital or analog Inputs
from the machines and storing them in a standard database from which software can be developed
for Reports or Real-time Dash Boards etc. The Digital inputs can be configured as Pulse Triggered,
Edge Triggered, Inverted Edge Triggered or as Counters. Analog inputs can measure voltage ,
Thermocouple Temperatures or 4-20 ma Current. The same system can also be used to drive Digital
outputs using simple web services. The output triggering can be used to switch on Relays,
lights, Trigger Audio Alarms etc.

The components for this system include Analog/Digital I/O Data Acquisition Modules, Hubs which act
as a Store and Forward Q to capture data from the Data Acquisition Modules and sends them to the
Server which has the MYSQL Database running which logs all the events.


LED Digital Clocks (High Precision) with Master/Slave Mode, GPS, NTP and Network Time update options.

We manufacture High Precision LED Digital Clocks in digit sizes ranging from 2 inches to 18 Inches.
The clock uses a high precision TXCO
oscillator which is resistant to temperature related time drifts.
The Clocks have Master Slave modes and ability to be updated from GPS, NTP or Network Time based systems.

Information Dashboard.

G-Box Being a web-based client, It can also be used to pull reports and other
information from your existing systems. The Reports can be displayed as Slide Shows.
G-Box can also display Images, PDF's, Videos as a scheduled or sequenced play list like
a traditional Digital Signage. This can also be used for Displaying Warehouse Data,
Currency and Commodity Prices in exchanges, Word Clocks Etc.



Messaging Dashboard.

This Dashboard allows operators on the Line to Send a Message right 
from their station to a warehouse for material, Plant Engineering for 
Engineering support or to any other department for any sort of support.
Messages can be targeted, Grouped based on Importance levels etc. The
Receiver can be setup to acknowledge and mark the completion. The Sender
can also optionally choose the acknowledge the completion.


Paging Dashboard.

This Dashboard allows staff to Flash information to call or Page someone. This system is
Useful for Paging Trucks for Pickup, Display Current Customer Information ,Display Tokens etc.
The item to be displayed can be created in Excel and uploaded to the Dashboard and a
Particular Row can be called on demand and displayed on the Dashboard.